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Wedding Information & Booking Conditions

At the time of booking we will provide the couple with a comprehensive list of providers that we work closely along with such as Florists, Photographers, Beauticians, Wedding Suit Hire, Wedding Transport, Classical Musicians and evening entertainment.

All our providers come very highly recommended and they all work to a very high standard, as we only recommend these providers it’s entirely the couples discretion if they want to use any of our providers or use someone else, the only providers they must use is our commissioned caterer Saddlers and Simply Elegant Event Décor for the chair covers as all the chair covers have been made specifically to fit our unique chairs.

A non-refundable deposit is required of £2,000 (inc VAT) or £2,500 (inc VAT) if booking the Grand Hall, within two weeks, before a booking can be confirmed. The outstanding balance will be paid 8 weeks before the wedding date.

Crom Castle is the private residence of the Earl of Erne and all guests and visitors to the West Wing are expected to adhere to an understood house etiquette whereby the following guidelines pertain:

The peace and tranquility of Crom Castle is respected at all times.
With the exception of Wedding Functions which have been pre-arranged with the West Wing Office, the West Wing and its conservatory are for the enjoyment of 13 guests only.
Only West Wing Guests, as specified in the Booking Form, can stay in the West Wing.

Staffing arrangements at Crom Castle require that a pre-arranged departure time for non-resident guests is agreed with West Wing Management.

On the day of your departure, prior to your vacation of the premises, we will need to examine the West Wing to ascertain if there are any breakages or damage to the property for which we will have to ask you to reimburse us.

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